Transforming how enterprises train through extended reality

Immersive learning combines
XR training technology with innovative learning theory.

XRCONSOLE develops immersive learning and training concepts for companies and educational institutions. With the synergy of innovative training methodology and state of the art virtual reality, we are reshaping the future of training.  

The focus is on experience-based training. Learning content is experienced instead of just being read or heard. In the virtual training world, people perform interaction actions just as they do in the real world, activating the same psychological and physiological areas of the brain. Training using XR technology leads to real and measurable performance and contributes significantly to more effective and efficient learning outcomes.

Maximize your
learning output



Training employees more often, in a more targeted manner, and at a lower cost contributes to better trained specialists who, as a result, are more adept, confident, and efficient in performing their jobs. In this way, a holistic increase in efficiency is achieved.



Scale training in line with the growth of the organization. Train in teams across multiple time zones, regardless of location, with the same quality. 



Employees are a company’s most valuable asset. That is why maximum safety is always required. XR trainings take place in a safe environment.



Through intensive repetition of individual exercises, individual and experiential knowledge transfer and measurability of a training, an above-average quality is achieved. 

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