Holistic immersive learning and training concepts.

XRCONSOLE is with you every step of the way, from initial strategy to analysis and optimization.


Our experts identify potentials for organisations to train better, faster and more efficiently with extended reality training solutions.

Discovery workshop

Specialists will show the possibilities and limits of extended reality training solutions. Best practices and results from research in the field of behaviour-oriented learning provide the initial impetus for developing your own use cases.

XR pontential canvas

In the XR Potential Canvas Session, the most important attributes and criteria of a successful XR project in your organisation are worked out on a meta-level. Based on this, initial use cases and learning objectives will be defined.


Extended Reality Strategy seamlessly integrated into the learning ecosystem of organisations and linked to business objectives.

XR Strategy

Extended reality training solutions should not be seen as isolated solutions, but as part of an overall learning and training strategy of the organisation. For this, it is necessary, within the framework of the XR strategy, not only to develop short-term learning objectives of individual training solutions, but also to integrate immersive learning into the ecosystem on a holistic organisational level.


Successful extended reality training solutions require an excellent understanding of learning objectives and existing learning practices. We work with you to establish these requirements and then translate them into successful XR learning designs, which are developed in close consultation with you and your learning practitioners from the initial prototype to the final immersive learning application. This ensures that the learning objectives are met and that integration with your existing learning and training approaches is guaranteed.

Meaningful Gamification

Gamification principles, such as a clear goal, a clearly visible training status, feedback on mistakes and the transparency of the result, as well as varied processes, ensure that trainees enjoy training and repeat it. On the one hand, this increases the training frequency and, on the other hand, the trainee experiences different situations and learns his or her action competence in a situation-specific way instead of only being oriented towards singular learning situations.

Content & Experience Production

Immersive content & experience specialists translate learning objectives into learning experiences.

Spatial Design

Our XR spatial design approach ensures that the virtual environments are so immersive that trainees engage with this virtual world as if it were real. This results in (learning) spaces that enable responsibility, actions and consequences to be experienced immersively, and thus to internalise what has been learned in the best possible way.

Trainings Experience

The curriculum is translated into immersive experiences. These learning experiences are divided into lessons and activities. In the lessons, trainees learn the information and processes they need to know. With the activities, this information and processes are practised, learned and repeated.

Embedded Solutions

The extended reality training solutions are implemented in a modular way with the appropriate state-of-the-art technologies for the use case (e.g. Unity Unreal, MetaHuman, Quest, Varjo, Magic Leap, Pico etc.). Always in line with the requirements and infrastructure of the organisations (e.g.: API to Learn Management Systems, ERP systems, etc.).


Training and learning create a lot of data. Data about learning experiences, about successful and less successful learning content, as well as about successful completion of learning situations and evidence of active agency.

Data Analysis

Extended Reality provides unique and important metrics about trainee behaviour. From this we can both see and understand how well learners are learning, and identify where additional training is needed or where teaching should be improved. In addition, the available data offers the possibility to document solution-oriented action and thus generate evidence for action competence instead of just proving mere participation.

Learn Management System Integration

Our XR training solutions can be integrated into a wide range of LMS systems, making XR part of the overall learning journey. Learners start the XR experience in the LMS and their data and results are then fed directly back into the LMS.

Headset as a Service

Full service device management for any type of organisation.

Setup & Configuration

Setup and integration of the hardware into the organisation’s learning ecosystem.

As a Service Model

XR hardware as a service model. Always the right hardware at hand for the right training purpose.

Research & Development

Together with economic partners from industry and education as well as with leading research institutions, we are working on future solutions that will bring about lasting positive change in education and training. Are you also interested in a research and innovation project? Please feel free to contact us.

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