The intersection of people, eXtended reality, learning & research.

Our Vision

It is the relentless drive to learn something new that motivates us every day. We are always on the lookout for innovative technologies, methods and learning processes. But it is not only the urge to acquire new knowledge, it is also the eagerness for learners to shape their own learning outcomes and thus develop unique learning worlds. At XRCONSOLE, we believe that everyone is unique and needs different learning journeys to reach their full potential.

Our Story

Immersive learning is revolutionising the way we train our most valuable assets – people. Based on this principle, XRCONSOLE was founded by an interdisciplinary team with the same vision – to revolutionise learning. We connect people with eXtended Reality technology and individual learning journeys to sustainably promote the achievement of competences and to individually design learning – We reshape skill acquisition through eXtended Reality.

Talk to us

Markus Karlseder

eXtended Reality Specialist

Sebastian Egger-Lampl

Research Specialist

Benjamin Roszipal

Learning Specialist

And many other MINDs to make your skill acquisition through eXtended reality possible.

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