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Making the future working environment interactive and tangible through eXtended Reality

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With the help of XRCONSOLE’s Job Explorer, interested parties and future employees can experience working practice in a simple and playful way. Through insights into daily work, food retailing can be tried out and experienced in an immersive and interactive way.

Key Benefits



Innovative employer branding

Digital, varied and playful VR experience in the context of a supermarket!



Job Exploration and training at the same time

An application enables exploration and training of work processes at the same time!



Mobile standalone setup

Test, play and train wherever you are!


Immersive and playful exploration of workflows

Food retailing as a whole, and supermarkets in particular, carry a wide range of products and each individual department brings its own challenges and activities. In this context, knowledge of standardised operational procedures such as hygiene rules, learning about work processes, or communicating the brand values of an employer is essential. In addition to the implementation of these processes, the presentation of the wide range of products in an eXtended Reality environment is particularly challenging.

We have taken on this challenge together with SPAR Austria in a joint project.

General Approach

Immersive, interactive working environment instead of boring presentation

After a joint workshop with experts, human resource specialists and employer branding personnel, the goals of the joint project were defined. Based on the customer's corporate identity and taking into account the technical requirements, a concept for the XRCONSOLE Supermarket Simulator was created. Using customer-specific sound and branding files and taking into account the teaching-specific and technical challenges, an entertaining, explorative XR experience was created for a very special target group.

Educational Approach

Playful exploration of work processes

Behind every good educational development there are well-founded learning objectives. After an initial target group identification and the associated personas, the associated learning objectives and principles could be defined. A gamification and interaction principle in the virtual supermarket was defined that is geared towards retail apprentices. Based on evidence-based gamification concepts (motivation, high-score systems, plus and minus points), undecided young adults or new employees can playfully try out work processes and at the same time get to know the workplace.

Technical Approach

Polycount und Rendering complexity

Due to the many different objects, coupled with the requirement profile of the immersive, playful environment, as well as the mobile, standalone setup and the associated limited computing power of the hardware, a low-poly display (polycount) was chosen in order to keep the rendering complexity low, but at the same time not lose sight of the immersions and gamification aspects.

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Employer branding and job awareness of young employees has become one of the distinguishing features for companies in today’s business world. Together with a market-leading company, we were able to ensure the innovative communication of job awareness through mobile, interactive job exploration in immersive, playful eXtended Reality environments.

Use case I: Fruit and vegetable department

The fruit and vegetable department brings with it many challenges, first and foremost retailers want to present their customers with fresh products in a great shopping environment, and bad fruit has no place there.

In this first use case of a total of seven, trainees have the opportunity to sort out bad, rotting fruit and vegetables, get to know the work processes in this area and explore the entire market. The degree of reality is further increased by spatial audio sequences and with the assistance of Lea, the department manager, nothing can go wrong!


Innovative job exploration

Future employees can playfully explore and get to know context and work tasks.


The interactive content is suitable for getting to know the job, but also for training, as interactive training.

Decentralised and mobile solution

A mobile, standalone headset enables use in any setting and at any location without the use of complex hardware.

What our partners say

"Wow, that feels like I'm really standing in the supermarket and behind me the fruit flies are eating away the banana.”

Hans Mesiter

Trainee, Interspar Linz

"A big problem is that future employees cannot imagine what professions 'feel like' or what activities are associated with them. The developed application gives them the opportunity to really get a taste of the jobs and try out what everything would feel like."

Sonja Binder
CEO, Binder Lehrwerke GmbH

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