CNC Training Simulator for WIFI Steiermark

Safe, immersive & forward-looking training for skilled worker training.


Scalable and decentralized training for CNC machines

Remote training with a fullly immersive learning experience for multiple participants simultaneously

Repeated learning, practice and review

The most important tasks can be repeated as often as necessary

Safe Training

No risk of injury for trainees or damage to the equipment


Zero error tolerance

Education and training on high-availability machines such as CNC and milling machines often present a major coordination challenge. Furthermore, there is a zero error tolerance on these machines. Errors in operation can cause massive damages, for example if the milling head is not set correctly.

"We see tremendous value in the scalability of the CNC Training Simulator, allowing us to effectively increase trainees' on-the-machine training time."

Dr. Martin Neubauer, Institute Director WIFI Steiermark


One to one simulator

With the CNC Training Simulator it is possible to carry out decentralized training on the CNC machine. The simulator is true to reality and the training takes place one-to-one as on the physical machine. Thus, all steps for the correct use of the CNC machine can be learned, practiced and checked. This represents a significant advantage, as the trainees are optimally prepared for the use on the real machine. 


Effective supplementation of the curriculum in CNC training

The CNC Training Simulator is used at WIFI Styria in the CNC training program. It acts as a supplement to specific parts of the curriculum. Click here for the course: WIFI Steiermark CNC Technology.

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