Immersive learning combines XR training technology with innovative educational theory.

Extended Reality

Enterprise Training with Extended Reality 

Extended Reality helps businesses, education providers and trainers to train their employees better, faster & more efficiently. Immersive learning offers the possibility to train employees in situations that would be too expensive or dangerous using traditional methods.

True to reality

Realistic environments and practice leads to real behavior changes.


Real-life environments, live communication, team training & elements of gamification lead to higher engagement & interaction.

Real-time data

XR captures live user data such as behavior, eye-tracking, heat maps & gestures to deliver the perfect environment for feedback & performance increases.


XR training can take place regardless of location and can be repeated as often as necessary – until the desired result is achieved.

Learning theory

Passive learning and memorization is the model of the future.

Passive learning & memorization is the education model of the past, today’s training requires a more active and continuous approach where employees learn through hands-on experience.
Experience-based learning has long been considered the most effective way to learn. Studies have shown that learning through real-time experience increases the quality of learning and improves the sustainability of knowledge building by up to 75 percent.

Learning by doing

Experiences help the trainee achieve the most effective synergy of learning and knowledge building.

Failure culture

The fear of failing in real-life situations that can have dire consequences is completely eliminated in XR training.

Training frequency

Repetition & variation of training helps trainees sustain knowledge and overcome short-term memorization.


Emotional reactions help make training memorable & more effective.