DigiLernSicher - Virtual Learning Lab for Safe Training

In the virtual learning lab of WIFI Styria and the Styrian Chamber of Labor, training is undertaken that is dangerous under real conditions.

Key Benefits

Safe Training

No danger of injury for trainees

Phenomenological Learning

Individual, repeatable experience of specific learning situations

Extended Reality Hub

Creation of an Extended Reality Hub at WIFI Styria


Dangerous Training Conditions

There are many dangers lurking in the working world – but appropriate training opportunities are severely limited in some cases because the exercises are too dangerous under real conditions.

"The potential of digital technologies is enormous, especially when it comes to workplace safety. "

Josef Pesserl, President AK Steiermark


True-to-life Training on a Simulator

New digital technologies, such as virtual (VR) and augmented (AR) reality, have the advantage that trainees can experience dangerous situations in a realistic simulated way without exposing themselves to physical danger. This enables a form of phenomenological learning, which offers the possibility of individual, repeatable experience of specific learning situations and the memorable experience that comes with it. As a result, safety-relevant content can be taught more effectively, with the positive effect of increased safety for trainees in the workplace and, consequently, improved safety in companies.


Extended Reality Hub

DigiLernSicher is part of the Work 4.0. project fund of the Austrian Chamber of Labor. Since 2019, this fund has been supporting educational projects around the digital transformation of work. DigiLernSicher is another milestone towards the WKO Styria’s own “extended reality hub”. In this hub, advanced training in various professions, from massage therapist to CNC machine operator to painter, will be supplemented with XR technology.

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