An interactive, gameified and challenging eXtended Reality learning lab for electrical engineers  

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In a modern home, there are a multitude of devices, some of which may be defective and thus pose a potential danger. With DigiLernSicher, there is the possibility to work safely with these defective devices in an eXtended Reality environment without having a negative impact on the real working environment. In the Digital Learning Lab, voltage measurements can be taken and short circuits can be ruled out. This is done in an immersive, self-directed and playful way, whereby the exercises can be repeated as often as desired.

Key Benefits



Sicheres Training

Safe and highly realistic but challenging learning environment!



Individuelles Lernen

The experiential learning framework allows for individual learning successes!



Selbstbestimmte Prüfungsvorbereitung

Arbitrary repeatability and random error sources for excellent exam results!


Safety in training

Electricity poses a considerable danger for prospective electrical technicians, as it is invisible, odourless and potentially life-threatening. Especially for inexperienced persons, this poses a great challenge when teaching skills in handling electrical equipment. For this reason, only paper-based or desk-based training solutions are used at the beginning of training. However, these approaches lack immersion and interactivity, which makes it difficult to transfer what is learned.

The security risk combined with the current learning access opens a perfect opportunity for interactive eXtended Reality applications. In cooperation with WKO Steiermark, we have taken up this challenge in a project to create a safe and immersive learning environment.
General Approach

User-centredness and learning success

In joint workshops with teachers and electrical engineers, the contents of the training application were discussed and defined with the users in mind. The focus was especially on the individual learning success and the preparation of the trainees for the (final) exams. Through this approach, a unique immersive learning environment was developed that optimally prepares the trainees for the exams.

Educational Approach

Individual and gamified learning environment

A sound requirement elicitation and clear structured learning objectives are the most important foundations for this use case. Besides the focus on "safety", it was also a goal to identify errors and defects in the immersive XR learning environment. In order to prepare trainees as individually as possible for a common examination, regardless of their own experience, a playful approach was chosen.
When entering the digital learning lab, chance decides where the source of the error is located and how it can be corrected. Each time they re-enter, the error is found in a different place. This allows the trainees to train all possible scenarios as often as they wish in a challenging and individual way without real danger.

Technical Approach

Tools and functions

It is important for electrical technicians to be able to recognise defective devices, short circuits and voltage-free conditions. In addition to comprehensive skills and safety knowledge, they also need various measuring devices. Interacting with these devices in XR environments can be challenging, so special attention has been paid to this feature.
The solution to this problem is a digital tool belt that is always placed within easy reach at waist level. This completely eliminates the need for a digital toolbox. In addition, the representation of the home and simple functions such as plugging and unplugging or switching devices on and off are realistically represented in the XR environment, resulting in an impressive learning experience.

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Immersive training worlds such as the digital learning laboratory “DigiLernSicher” are an important component of innovative and future-oriented additions to existing training and teaching content. Through this solution, trainees can enter a digital flat and detect defective devices or short circuits there. The random selection of faults and the detailed representation and functionality of the measuring devices offer ideal preparation for examinations and later professional life. This enables a realistic learning experience.


Im Rahmen der Evaluation haben Elektrotechniklehrlinge die Applikation hinsichtlich Benutzererfahrung, subjektiver Präsenz (Immersion) und Lernerfolg getestet. Die Ergebnisse zeigen, dass die empfundene Immersion und Benutzererfahrung hoch bewertet wurden. Die Evaluation ergab zudem, dass die im Rahmen der Applikation erlernten und angewandten Fertigkeiten gut in der Praxis umsetzbar sind und zu einer besseren Bewältigung komplexer Problemstellungen in realen Kontexten führen können. Erfahren Sie mehr über DigiLernSicher.

Safety for trainees

A digital learning lab enables hazard-free training without losing touch with reality.

More success in exams

Due to the unlimited repeatability, DigiLernSicher offers ideal preparation for exams.

Away from desk-based to XR-based

Immersive training in the digital learning lab offers an innovative alternative to desk-based exercises.

Repeatability with a special feature

Each time the digital learning environment is entered, a new source of error is presented that needs to be corrected.

What our partners say

"To learn how to handle electricity safely is of great importance for the protection of employees. We are proud to have made a significant contribution and successfully carried out a technology transfer.""

Josef Pesserl

President, Chamber of Labour Styria

"A perfect exam preparation for the final preparations, previously we only trained with models."

Electrical Technician
Voitsberg Vocational School, Styria

"One is not really exposed to danger, but can calmly experience, practice, and internalize each step individually. Also, multiple times if necessary. Moreover, it is a more cost-effective training option as it does not require 'real' equipment. Of course, virtual training should not replace real-life practice. However, it is a meaningful supplement that allows for learning certain procedures in a playful manner beforehand and then implementing them in real situations.""

Verena Maier
Project Coordinator, WIFI Styria

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