Tactical operational training on the new U5 subway line in Berlin

The Berlin Fire Department trains operational scenarios in the new U5 subway line using a combination of VR and XVR technology.

Key Benefits

Realistic training of extreme situations

Extended reality environments, full immersive learning experience.

More effective and efficient training

Cost reduction through training in a virtual environment.

Measurable results & feedback

Repeated training with measurable results and direct feedback.


The real training environment is lacking

Training for a wide variety of incidents is an important part of training and continuing education for emergency response organizations. It is important to be prepared for any situation that may occur. Due to the complexity and effort involved, large-scale emergency scenarios are usually trained using simulation exercises. Although this analogue form of exercise deals with operational tactics, it is often difficult for the trainees to grasp because the real experience, i.e. training in a realistic environment, does not take place.

"We now have the ability to realistically train environments and scenarios without interrupting real operations."

Boris Topol, Berlin Fire Department & Rescue Academy BFRA


The digital transformation of operational training

The Berlin Fire Department has initiated the digital transformation of training scenarios and, in cooperation with the Berlin transport authorities, has launched a VR tactics simulator for the new U5 subway line.

Using XVRSim and the extensive library of scenarios and objects – avatars, vehicles, hazard elements, buildings – in combination with the U5 XVR environment developed by XRCONSOLE, the Berlin Fire Department can train operational scenarios of the new subway section up close and interactively in the BFRA (Berlin Fire and Rescue Academy) more effectively and efficiently.


An immersive training experience that is effective and efficient

With the training simulator, it is now possible to access and train 24/7 on the U5 subway line. Numerous operational scenarios, such as fires and explosions, can be trained realistically. 

The training of actions in extreme situations is essential for major incidents and must be trained and consolidated several times. With the VR training environment, it is now possible to repeat individual scenarios as often as desired. The learning and training progress is measured and the trainers have the possibility to coach the trainees in the best possible way.

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